Kart TLC

Here at Lydd Kart Shop, we want to help you get back on track as soon as possible!

We have a range of services available, if we don't have something listed you're interested in then please ask.

We have the facility to keep your kart with us for £6 per week. We can even drop it safely back to your house, for £10 plus just £1.50p per mile.

 Service Item Price

Labour cost (per hour):


Carb clean and repair (plus cost of parts):

Laser align front end and sweep: £15
General health check (includes brakes and alignment plus cost of parts: £45
Battery charged: £5
Tyre change (set): £10
Power valve refurb and clean (includes gasket but not other parts): £15
Axle bearing change (50mm Rotax): £25
Front wheel bearing (17mm/25mm plus cost of parts):


Clutch Service, bearing check (plus costs of parts)