Rotax Experience

Enjoy an adrenaline fuelled day at Lydd International Kart Circuit without the hassle of maintaining your own kart.

Just arrive, drive & have fun!

Arrive and drive karting is great, no lugging the kart to and from the track, no tyre wear, no fuel costs or repair bills... the only problem being they can be a little on the slow side.

If you're wanting to drive something with a little more oomph, then this is perfect for you! We offer a rent a Rotax experience, where you can drive one of our Senior Rotax karts around Lydd International Circuit.

Experience 2-stroke karting at it's finest, you won't be disappointed.

Looking For An Adrenaline Rush?...

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Rotax Max

Book now for just £119.99 per session.

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Rotax DD2

Book now for just £149.99 per session.